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Enhancing inclusivity, combatting racism and strengthening diversity intelligence. Through this experiential training we enhance inclusive leadership, cross-cultural collaboration, gender balance and synchronization in teams with a high degree of diversity.

  • Law Enforcement & Police

    The unique role of law enforcement officials in any community makes cross-cultural understanding imperative. In addition to the need to ensure officer-to-officer sensitivity, to accurately represent its constituents, law enforcement officials need understanding, respect, and a willingness to communicate with all segments of the population.

  • Corporate & Workplace

    Artful Wellness will provide you organization with a training session(s) on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. The training curriculum will provide participants with the necessary awareness, content knowledge, and skills to help foster staff development and mutual respect when exploring issues of diversity.

  • Lawyers

    Law continues to be one of the least diverse professions in the United States, and the challenges of creating an inclusive law office environment continue. Learn about recent, important legal developments that impact diversity, the benefits and challenges of generational diversity, and practical suggestions for achieving a sustainable, diverse legal and compliance workplace.

  • Nonprofits & Schools

    Artful Wellness’s approach to nonprofit and school training is to help students, faculty and administration understand very clearly the organization’s goals for individual and team success. During the training sessions, Artful Wellness trainers will work to create a plan that aligns with your organization’s values and builds on their individual and group strengths.


At the foundation of this experiential learning process are three key components that are rooted in valuing the lived experiences of others.

  • Creativity & Characterization

    The process of creating a "character" requires your team to suspend their personal opinions, values and judgments about the composition of a character’s background and motivations. This serves as a process for self-reflection leading to a more empathetic understanding of other individual’s life journeys.

  • Collaboration & Research

    Using their life experiences as inspiration, your leadership team and employees alike will learn the art of collaboration and research in order to create a conversational momentum that further illuminates the complexities of human interaction as they relate to cultural competency and social awareness.

  • Community & Facilitation

    Only in community can your team feel confident enough to engage in conversation about sensitive subject matters. Skilled facilitators are essential to fostering a safe learning environment; utilizing safe facilitation techniques and pedagogical frameworks that seek to understand by questioning assumptions and commonly held beliefs about others.

Business People Applauding


As today’s headlines prove, an inclusive work environment is not just a nice-to-have, it can make or break a company. You can help make your organization a more supportive and engaging place to work by understanding the perceptual, institutional, and psychological processes that impact the ways people interact with each other. 

The Impact of Diversity & Inclusion Training

Strong Workplace Culture, Improved Leadership, Increased Awareness, Communication & Empowered Employers Await

  • Improve Engagement

    Research shows that engagement is the key factor that promotes higher performance and effort, greater returns, and lower turnover. Yet across companies, industries, and countries, studies show that only 11-19% of employees are highly engaged. In this course, you will examine the foundational drivers of engagement, explore the components of successful engagement initiatives, and identify strategies for creating stronger engagement in teams.

  • Increase Awareness

    The ability to recognize the many different forms of racism and implicit bias is an important step in motivating employees to respond when they experience or observe it. Training is one of the most effective and efficient way to raise awareness of the different types of unacceptable behavior – from the obvious to the subtle – and remove uncertainty about what is and what isn’t appropriate (and lawful) behavior. Through realistic examples and other relevant content, training can clarify gray areas and demonstrate how racist conduct that goes unchecked can become harassment or discrimination.

  • Counteracting Unconscious Bias

    Despite decades of legal and social reform aimed at reducing discrimination in the workplace, inequality continues to be a significant problem in all societies and most workplaces.

    Learn how to identify the perceptual and psychological processed that impact the way that individuals interact with people who are demographically dissimilar from them. Examine the psychological processed that impact decision making within organizations and identify how professionals can design better work practices and help to more effectively leverage the potential among employees.

  • Empower Bystanders

    Bystander intervention training provides individuals with different ways they can disrupt or stop harassing behavior, while also providing support for a co-worker or colleague. Importantly, the bystander role is a positive one that provides individuals with a different perspective on the effects of culturally-influenced harassing behavior not just on the target but on others.  

  • Fostering an Inclusive Climate

    Inclusion is a relational construct. It's ultimately how your team functions and performs based on the quality of social interactions, openness to learning, agility, and depth of decision making. How can you foster greater inclusion within your workgroup?

    Examine the concept of climate, specifically inclusive climates, as well as learn about the specific behaviors and skills you need to demonstrate in order to be successful in shaping an inclusive climate.

  • Create a Respectful Workplace

    By requiring that all employees participate in training on a regular basis, organizations can send a clear message from the top that when it comes to preventing culturally-influenced harassment and other abusive behavior and creating a respectful workplace, we’re all in this together. 


No matter what the training needs of your organization


Workshop Lengths

Each program is uniquely designed to meet your objectives using a combination of research-based improv tools, exercises, skill building, role plays and tailored discussions.

Workshop Packages

Sometimes a quick hit is what’s called for. Our Training Workshops are a series of 1-hour modules designed to suit your schedule and your budget. Choose one, pick n mix, or get an annual pass and we’ll come once a month. There’s even a custom workshop package for teams who have already trained with Artful Wellness and just want periodic refresher sessions.

  • Single Experience

    We come one time for a specific topic and length of your choosing.

  • Annual Requirement

    Become refreshed and invigorated with an annual event that is sure to help your employees and business thrive.

  • Custom

    Choose full day workshop, and then a quarterly package of specific goal- oriented trainings to improve the overall strength and wellness of your team. The options are endless!

  • Lunch & Learns

    A certification program to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of care at your business to foster the emotional well being of your employees.

  • Half-Day Workshops

    We’ll endow your team with renewed confidence and a communication toolbox they can use to support each other powerfully. (3-4 hrs)

  • Full Day Workshops

    A deeper dive including tools for innovation, dealing with status vs. stature and real business problem-solving. (5-6 hrs)

  • Customized Workshops

    Whatever issues you and your teams may be struggling with, we can build a program just for you.


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