An off-site certification program to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of care at your business to foster the emotional well being and creativity of your employees.

The program takes place over the course of 2 full days, and includes an interactive in-person training using mindfulness, improv, role playing, case studies, scenarios, and concrete tools and objectives for self-care and emotional intelligence.

  • Learn about the impact and prevalence of mental health in the workplace

    • Explore mental health within the context of diversity and inclusion.

    • Learn how to effectively navigate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    • Understand the role of mental health in the workplace and the unique role that every employee has in supporting their colleagues and team members.

  • Build skills and practice tools to create a culture of care.

    • Learn how to create culture change and your unique role as a mental health advocate within the workplace.

    • Gain proactive practices that create flexibility to support diverse workplace needs.

    • Receive strategies for creative self-care.

    • Practice starting (and continuing) a conversation with an employee who might be struggling.

  • Connect with a community of change leaders

    • Learn best practices from peers and provide support to each other as you learn how to support the overall wellness of your company and its employees.

    • Share lessons learned in your own leadership role.

    • Problem-solve real-life challenges with supportive professionals.


Mentally healthy employees are happier, more productive, and more engaged. Companies who take proactive steps toward creating a culture of care and improving mental health access will find themselves in healthier and more vibrant workplace environments.

  • Reduce absenteeism

    Employees with unaddressed mental health conditions experience 31x more absentee days than employees without a condition.

  • Improve retention

    20% of employees (and 50% of millennials) have voluntarily left previous roles for mental health reasons.

  • Maximize engagement

    217 million days of work are lost in productivity every year due to unaddressed mental health conditions.

  • Foster inclusivity

    Focusing on wellness without naming mental health can alienate those facing challenges even further.

  • Improve benefits utilization

    Employees don't use if they aren't encouraged to or don't feel safe doing so.


Creating a culture of support for overall emotional wellness of your team begins with advocates at all levels of your company -- from the C-level executive and manager, to the HR leader and employee. Creating a culture of care is vital to the health of your business and your team.

  • 56% of employees

    with a mental illness did not receive any mental health treatment.

  • 9 Million

    adults with mental Illness report they try and can't get treatment.

  • 80% of employees

    treated for mental illness report improved levels of work efficacy and satisfaction.


The cost of attending the Leadership Institute certificate program is based on a sliding scale dependent on company size.

For organizations of

< 10k employees

$750 / person

For organizations of

> 10k employees

$1000 / person


  • Leadership Institute training & strategic advising clients: $500/person

  • Multiple participants from the same company: $500/person for each additional attendee.

We also offer discounts on other Artful Wellness services for participating companies during the 6 months after certification.

Creativity improves your health, increases happiness, elevates mood, alleviates anxiety, boosts brain function and helps you feel more




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