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How to De-escalate Angry Employees and Customers

Over the weekend, Azizi Marshall, Founder & CEO of the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, encountered a high-stakes scenario that demanded swift and effective action.

Picture this: an irate customer unleashing anger, shouts reverberating, frightened patrons seeking refuge near the exits, and employees in disarray, exacerbating the tension.

In a compelling video presentation, Azizi shares invaluable insights and practical tips on successfully handling not only angry customers but also navigating through challenging situations involving employees and highly volatile individuals. Witness the power of mastering confidence and calm as Azizi divulges strategies that transform tense moments into opportunities for grace, kindness, ease and efficiency.

Best thing is, Azizi didn't even work here, and their manager thanked her and brought her in to train their employees on how to do what she just did, the right way. I know right?!?

Check out this enlightening video!

Learn essential techniques that empower you to manage difficult encounters with finesse, ensuring both your customers and employees feel supported and secure. Gain the confidence to tackle any situation, turning potential chaos into controlled composure. Watch now and elevate your skills in navigating the complexities of human interaction.

Want Azizi and her team to help train your people on how to de-escalate angry customers and employees? CONTACT us for more support!


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