We help executives, managers and colleagues to build brave spaces, teach tools for compassionate communications, and learn creative tools and strategies to not only support their business, but also support the emotional vitality of your company and its people.


"When employees receive effective treatment for mental illnesses, the result is lower total medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism and decreased disability costs. The bottom line: investing in a mentally healthy workforce is good for business."


American Psychiatric Association


We partner with companies, universities, and non-profit organizations to create a shared understanding of mental health, teach tools for compassionate and effective communications, and support teams and their leaders in harnessing creativity to build a culture of engagement, resiliency and trust.

  • Leadership Training

    Helping those in leadership gain knowledge, tools, resources, and awareness on how to best support their team through increasing your knowledge on team building, presentation skills, effective communication, your company's mission as well as your employees' mental health and overall wellness.

  • Leadership Institute

    An off-site certification program to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of care at your business to foster the emotional well being and creativity of your employees.

  • Mental Health Training

    Research-based, interactive workshops and trainings to build a shared understanding of mental health and teach skills for leaders, managers, and teams to create a trusting and inclusive culture for mental health at work. We take a proactive approach through a management lens to design custom trainings.

  • Sexual Harassment Training

    Almost half of all US states are enacting training requirements for businesses on workplace harassment. Through interactive learning techniques, and real-world case studies, our curriculum breaks down important laws for ease of retention. In addition to learning how to recognize and avoid workplace harassment, our workshops include training on how to effectively react to uncomfortable situations.


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Creativity improves your health, increases happiness, elevates mood, alleviates anxiety, boosts brain function and helps you feel more


What Makes us Different

By partnering with the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, we offer clinically appropriate interventions. Creating a mentally healthy workplace is more than just learning about mental health conditions and their signs and symptoms. It's about creating a culture of support, engagement, and acquiring creative self-care strategies.

  • We support a mental health culture so that people will seek the support they need

    In a healthy workplace culture, disclosing a mental health condition is considered a sign of strength. When employers and leaders speak up about mental illness, they send a powerful message to employees that it’s OK to get help.

  • We harness a leadership psychology lens

    Our team of leaders are highly experienced, clinically licensed psychotherapists and executive professionals who use their extensive knowledge in psychology, team building, creativity, management and emotional intelligence to support the overall wellness of your company and its employees.

  • We help you create a culture of support for emotional wellness

    Our preventative approach to mental health helps to ensure that your culture of care supports your team's mental health throughout the year to achieve measurable and lasting change.

The Impact of Workplace Mental Health Training & Advising

Of the 1 in 5 adults diagnosed with a mental illness each year, more than half of those individuals will go untreated. Respecting and treating mental illness on par with other medical illnesses is the first step to improving employee quality of life -- the foundation of an effective workplace.

  • Support benefits utilization & reduce stigma

    Opening a workplace dialogue and teaching coping strategies can go a long way in aiding employees' mental health, but sometimes people need professional treatment. When mental health is a supported topic at work, employees are more likely to use their mental health benefits.

    93% of our workshop participants felt more able to create a strategy for self-care.

  • Culture of inclusivity

    Providing individually tailored accommodations that consider the inclusivity of the individual is the first step to ensuring that an employee's diverse needs are addressed in the workplace, especially when an individual is returning to work from a mental health-related absence.

    82% of our workshop participants said they better understood the prevalence of mental health issues amongst their colleagues.

  • Maximize productivity & engagement

    Unsupportive environments can increase stress and mental health symptoms. Organizations that support the overall well being of their employees will increase employee engagement and productivity, thus reducing absenteeism, and preventing crisis situations. You’ll find yourself with healthier, happier, and more productive employees.

    Investing in workplace mental health yields a 4x ROI.



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