Enlightened organizations recognize that investing in the health and wellness of their people is good business. Your people are your competitive advantage.


A culture of wellness starts at the top. Improve your corporate wellness by sending your key staff, partners, and clients to an Artful Wellness retreat to optimize their health, well-being, and productivity -- and the performance of your organization.

  • Add Life to Your Business Agenda

    Refresh your traditional business agenda with expert wellness sessions and activities for an unforgettable team-building experience.

  • Motivate & Inspire

    You and your team will leave with the inspiration needed to perform and lead in a brand new way.

  • Customized Experiences

    Your event can be personalized to meet your organization’s needs.

    Artful Wellness retreats can be a unique destination and experience for an off-site planning meeting, board retreat, team-building event, key client experience, or business roundtable.

Enjoy a Catered Retreat

Alonti Catering Kitchen reliably delivers fresh, chef-inspired dishes in hearty portions to your event. An industry leader thanks to their commitment to delicious food, friendly service, and on-time delivery. Today, every bite that rolls out of their catering kitchens is created by standout chefs from the Culinary Institute of America and transported hot and fresh.

Accommodations can be made for food allergies, dietary restrictions and preferences.

* Food is catered at cost for participants.

  • Wellness & Performance

    Our wellness activities and workshops teach real actionable tips to help empower your team to take control of their health and wellbeing. They’ll learn nutrition and lifestyle tips to help keep them performing at an optimal level. Customized wellness activities are included to address the specific needs of your group. Your team will leave with the knowledge and recourses they need to implement positive changes when they get home.

  • Stress Management & Emotional Wellness

    Research shows that the overall health and well-being of our workforce is being significantly effected by constant stress, burnout, and hectic schedules. Our holistic retreat addresses the mental strain of a demanding executive, providing our corporate groups with skills to manage stress and maintain a healthy work environment.

  • Mindfulness

    Educate and empower each person to enhance their physical and mental health and wellness. Depending on your group size, we are able to survey each person in your group before they arrive which allows us to customize mindfulness classes and address any specific concerns or barriers to mindful living. 

  • Healthy Living

    Address the rising rate of burnout by invigorating your own knowledge and commitment to mental health, nutrition, and resiliency through an immersive experience that will benefit you and your business team.

  • Annual Planning

    Designed for executives and/or managers to designate time to reflect upon what happened the year before, as well as to find a direction and vision for the year ahead.

  • Wellness Reboot

    The modern day job creates an abundance of health strains on an employee. Demanding schedules, sedentary office hours, and limited time or access available to proper exercise, nutrition, and mental health. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We provide our corporate wellness groups the opportunity to personalize your group retreat; geared toward rebooting your team and providing them with the skills to remain healthy while at the office. We’ll work with you to customize a wellness experience based on your specific goals and focus.


Plan your next off-site meeting with purpose. Not only will you have the amenities you need for your business meeting, but you can also provide your team with a memorable – and even transformative – experience. Artful Wellness Retreats provide conference rooms, art studios, movement studios, connectivity, meals, snacks and logistical support, all housed in a beautiful, creative wellness facility in centrally-located Downers Grove, Illinois.


Offset your business agenda with expert-led wellness sessions and activities for your team. Your team will leave inspired, engaged, motivated and healthier.

Choose from any of our interactive training options, from mental health to professional development, we'll make your team's experience on that they will



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