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Oct 9-11, 2024


Chicago, IL & Virtual


Are you a business leader or human resource professional looking to level up your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion game through seminars + conferences dedicated to increasing your knowledge on all things MENTAL HEALTH? If so, you’ve come to the right place. THE STIGMA FREE EXPERIENCE's focus is on providing LIVE, interactive mental health trainings throughout the world, with the Stigma Free Actors!



The word "mental health" is perhaps the most underused term within the workplace. However, it's one of the most IMPORTANT terms. Mental health in the workplace must not be performative. Words must be followed by meaningful action.

In order to "act", you must first experience!


The STIGMA FREE EXPERIENCE: MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK SUMMIT explores a new model of mental health at work, one in which expectations are set for those that call themselves mental health allies.


What is needed now is ACTION.


We believe that by offering an interactive and engaging experience using applied improvisation, theatre of the oppressed, professionally trained actors and expert training facilitators, we can make the greatest amount of impact as mental health allies. It is our mission to help business leaders and human resource professionals have a clear vision of what it truly means to create a culture of care and give them the tools to turn that vision into reality.


A resort and IAAC-approved conference center surrounded by a serene 150-acre estate that includes the Audubon-certified 18-hole Willow Crest Golf Club, just 25 minutes from Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

With a lakefront outdoor pool, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, a spa, two golf simulators, and two restaurants, there's plenty of rest, relaxation and fun to be had during your downtime.

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Mario Lambert Summit Speaker smaller file size cropped.jpeg

Mario Lambert

Consultant & Panel Moderator

Mario Lambert believes that when done right, business can be a catalyst for good in the world. With ambitious people focused on a worthy mission in a healthy, purpose driven, inclusive environment; good things happen for the communities they serve.  His belief fuels his commitments to help people and organizations strive to reach their full potential. 


Experienced with over 20 years of leading diverse business development teams and helping hundreds of companies with workforce solutions, Mario is an ongoing practitioner and lifelong learner. He inspires people with an authentic voice and realistic optimism. He is known for helping people grow  to become the best version of self and better leaders for others.


Mario credits an imperfect yet loving upbringing, family, community leaders, mentors, and coaches for helping him believe there is a gift in struggle and opportunity in every moment.


As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, he shares his story and seeks to help you and your organization build upon yours. His facilitation style creates a trusting environment that gives space to challenge how people can become better together.


NAMI-Ben Frank.jpg

Ben Frank

Sr. Director of Wellness, NAMI Chicago

Ben Frank joined the NAMI Chicago team in August 2018, transitioning into his role of Sr. Director of Wellness in September 2020. He previously served as Education Coordinator, and Clinical Coordinator of the Helpline program.

Ben oversees wellness strategy for NAMI Chicago, ensuring that the organization builds an internal culture that promotes mental wellness in our team in a way that is consistent with the how we teach mental wellness to the community. 

Ben started his career in mental health over 20 years ago, as a direct care worker in a group home for adolescent boys. Ben joined Riveredge Hospital in Forest Park as Director of Residential Services in 2009 as well as working with the Outpatient programs extensively.

Ben earned a Bachelor's of Science in English from Iowa State University and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Ben lives out NAMI Chicago’s mission providing healing to our community and never giving up on those who come to us for support. 

Niki Ramirez Photo1 (2).jpg

Niki Ramirez

Founder, HR Answers, LLC

Niki Ramirez is the Founder and Principal Consultant at, an Arizona-based firm dedicated to providing progressive, practical human resources guidance that leaves a big impact on small business success.


Niki is a certified HR professional with leadership and HR experience spanning over 20 years, including: serving in operational management and leadership roles, community college adjunct faculty, and as a human resources executive. In addition to her HR professional certifications,


Niki holds an MBA in HR Management. She carries with her a strong desire to educate and empower employees and their employers to work in partnership to design and implement meaningful HR programs that drive the success of their organizations and help people cultivate fulfilling relationships in the workplace!

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Marcia Speaker Panel Summit.png

Marcia Ubliess

Founder, The Pivot Center

Marcia Ublies is a compassionate and solution-focused leader with over 20 years of experience in Organizational Development, HR Operations, and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) training. Marcia delivers corporate wellness strategies that support the leadership team and the organization. She is dedicated to fostering creative and engaging environments that are fun and intentional. Marcia enjoys developing leaders by ensuring they are consistently growing, gaining the training needed for themselves and their teams, and creating impactful spaces that value a holistic approach to workplace mental health.


Marcia is the founder and CEO of The Pivot Center, a consulting firm specializing in workplace mental health, DEI training, and executive coaching. Marcia partners with organizations to ensure that creative and practical strategies are in place and prioritized. When this occurs, there is a transformation of those leaders and their teams who were disengaged, overwhelmed, and lacked passion, pivot into thriving, engaged, creative, and productive employees.


Marcia has a Masters in HR Training and Development, and a Masters in Marriage in Family Therapy. She is also licensed as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in Illinois. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, flag twirling, and listening to various genres of music such as Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Classical, Smooth jazz, and old school Rhythm and Blues.

Peter James.jpeg

Dr. Peter James

CEO, HCG Consulting Solutions

With a military, corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial background, Peter is an expert in supporting and challenging leaders and high-achievers as they seek to realize their full potential in business, career, or life. He also understands (despite how society paints the picture) that none of us accomplishes this realization on our own. All high-achievers have a secret.


It involves making a shift.


In addition, Peter realizes that we all should be prepared as we can for those Powerful Moments in our life. You know, those life-changing periods or events that shift the trajectory of our future. In many cases, we can facilitate them in our lives. What might they be for you in the near future? If you don't know, it might be time to have a powerful conversation.

alt headshot wendy copy.jpg

Wendy Cooper

Founder, Promotion Wellness Inspired

Wendy Cooper is the Founder and CEO of ProMotion Corporate Wellness, where they create manage and staff wellness programs that guarantee ROI for privately held companies $50M - $9B. 


28 years ago she set out on a mission to keep people healthy.  When she noticed that her most unhealthy, downtrodden, stressed out clients were coming from work in corporate environments, she made it her mission to work on a larger scale.


Wendy started her Corporate Wellness business knowing that she could make a bigger impact from the inside of these large companies.  So that the clients’ wellness goals wouldn’t be impeded by their company’s surrounding culture


At the time, it seemed to make perfect sense that improving the health of employees would cut health care costs and therefore save the company more than it cost.  A win-win!   


But something even more exciting happened. 


As employees embraced wellness, the overall culture of the business changed. People were happier, calmer. Retention and morale improved. Her corporate clients hire her and her team to create wellness programs that deliver on their value.


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