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Our trainings are offered in both LIVE and ONLINE versions. Choose which works best for your organization.

We go beyond legal requirements to align with your organizational values. We train employees to contribute to a healthy and welcoming work environment.

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LIVE On-Site Sexual Harassment Training

  • Bystander Intervention Training

    Our research shows that as little as a knowing glance can reduce trauma in the face of harassment, but the wrong response can actually increase trauma. We will equip your employees with the right information on how to be an effective bystander in the midst of workplace harassment; 97% of employees leave our training committing to intervene next time they see disrespect or harassment.

  • Annual Sexual Harassment Training

    We’ll provide your staff with a robust, interactive sexual harassment training that is compliant with state, city, and federal laws. Our training is unique in that it explores all forms of harassment — not just sexual harassment, and includes elements of bystander intervention training. Not sure if sexual harassment training is required in your state?

  • De-escalation Training

    If your team directly interfaces with the public — chances are they will face moments where things are heated, and they are expected to know what to do. We’ll train your team on our Observe, Breathe, Connect methodology to make sure your team is armed with de-escalation techniques so that they can show up into these moments as leaders.

  • Resilience Training

    We’ll offer workshops to enhance your employee job satisfaction and community building for your team. Artful Wellness will provide tools for individuals to successfully manage stress, competing timelines, roles and responsibilities, while also facilitating better communication, conflict management and rapport across your team.

  • Digital Safety Training

    We’ll teach your team how to prevent online harassment and violence through preventative measures designed to ensure their safety. We also offer training and consulting packages for management seeking to shore up their organization’s infrastructure to support their staff in the event of online harassment or violence.


Sexual Harassment Training for Organizations

Sexual Harassment Training and Certification for Organizations

Our Organizational Training is for organizations looking to train their employees and managers/supervisors on sexual harassment, laws, and proper behavior.

We offer three versions of our training: a 1-hour course for regular employees, and a 1.5-hour course for managers and supervisors, and a 2-hour course for business owners. You can mix and match depending on your needs.

Our training is valid for all 50 states and also meets the specific state requirements of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York. NOTE: CT employees will need to take the 2 hour "Business Owner" version to satisfy the 2 hour CT training requirement for all employees. By having one version that covers all states, it greatly simplifies the training process and ensures that your certification is valid regardless of where you travel or work.

Because of its prevalence and damaging affects to an organization's productivity, morale, and culture, employers must try and actively prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in their organization. The education process is the first and most important step in preventing and managing sexual harassment in the workplace.

ONLINE Sexual Harassment Training

  • Our Training is Smart

    Our training system is smart - very smart - and does almost everything for you. We set up and send each member of your team an email with instructions to your staff. It is the same instructions for everyone and we’ve already pre-typed the instructions for you. We eliminate the hassle of having to setup and manage multiple usernames and passwords; we do it all for you!

  • Works 24/7

    Everyone from your organization can log in from home or work (24x7) using their own personal and secure login (no user limit).

  • Immediate Certification

    Receive your Sexual Harassment certificate immediately upon completion. The system then generates a PDF certificate for the individual and we personally email a copy of the certificate to the administrator for record keeping.

  • Super Easy!

    Once your team members are entered into our online learning portal, we provide each member of your team the instructions to complete the course. The smart training system then takes over from there and trains, tests, generates certificates, emails you a copy of those certificates, and maintains a training log.

How to Purchase ONLINE Training Courses for Your Organization

ONLINE Sexual Harassment Training and Certification for Organizations

To set up an online Organizational Training account, follow these 4 easy steps:


  1. CLICK on the online training below

  2. Enter the number of training seats you need in the QUANTITY field


  4. CHECKOUT to complete your registration

NOTE: Our friendly customer service team will reach out to you within 1-2 business days in order to gather your employees' names and emails. Will will enter each team member's information into our online learning portal, and send them each their own personal and secure login to our online learning portal. Make sure to check your Junk/Spam Folder.

BONUS: We offer organizations of 20 or more registered trainees 10% OFF. Contact us for pricing!

Interested in a LIVE and interactive sexual harassment training in your area,

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You have the ability to empower your team to respond to harassment in meaningful ways. Through our harassment trainings, you will build a culture of care and action.

The Impact of Sexual Harassment Training & Advising

Strong Workplace Culture, Improved Leadership, Increased Awareness, Communication & Empowered Employers Await

  • Encourage Reporting

    Many incidents of harassment and discrimination go unreported, which can result in a toxic work environment. This can lead to lower morale and productivity, hurt recruiting and retention efforts, and negatively affect relationships with customers, partners and others. Training can be an effective tool for educating and encouraging employees to report incidents or potential problems. Organizations can look to training as one of the most direct ways to explain their formal complaint process and increase awareness of the organization’s ethics hotline, dedicated email and other reporting mechanisms. 

  • Strong Workplace Culture

    Training can support and help strengthen an organization’s culture by communicating its values, goals, and policies in creative and meaningful ways that motivate individuals to act ethically, while protecting the organization and its reputation. Workplace culture exerts the greatest impact on whether organizations actively prevent harassment or allow it to proliferate.

  • Increase Awareness

    The ability to recognize the many different forms of misconduct is an important step in motivating employees to respond when they experience or observe it. Training is one of the most effective and efficient way to raise awareness of the different types of unacceptable behavior – from the obvious to the subtle – and remove uncertainty about what is and what isn’t appropriate (and lawful) behavior. Through realistic examples and other relevant content, training can clarify gray areas and demonstrate how unwelcome conduct that goes unchecked can become harassment or discrimination.

  • Empower Bystanders

    Bystander intervention training provides individuals with different ways they can disrupt or stop harassing behavior, while also providing support for a co-worker or colleague. Importantly, the bystander role is a positive one that provides individuals with a different perspective on the effects of harassing behavior not just on the target but on others.  

  • Create a Respectful Workplace

    By requiring that all employees participate in training on a regular basis, organizations can send a clear message from the top that when it comes to preventing harassment and other abusive behavior and creating a respectful workplace, we’re all in this together. 

No matter what the training needs of your organization


Workshop Lengths

Each program is uniquely designed to meet your objectives using a combination of research-based improv tools, exercises, skill building, role plays and tailored discussions.

Workshop Packages

Sometimes a quick hit is what’s called for. Our Training Workshops are a series of 1-hour modules designed to suit your schedule and your budget. Choose one, pick n mix, or get an annual pass and we’ll come once a month. There’s even a custom workshop package for teams who have already trained with Artful Wellness and just want periodic refresher sessions.

  • Single Experience

    We come one time for a specific topic and length of your choosing.

  • Annual Requirement

    Become refreshed and invigorated with an annual event that is sure to help your employees and business thrive.

  • Custom

    Choose full day workshop, and then a quarterly package of specific goal- oriented trainings to improve the overall strength and wellness of your team. The options are endless!

  • Lunch & Learns

    A certification program to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of care at your business to foster the emotional well being of your employees.

  • Half-Day Workshops

    We’ll endow your team with renewed confidence and a communication toolbox they can use to support each other powerfully. (3-4 hrs)

  • Full Day Workshops

    A deeper dive including tools for innovation, dealing with status vs. stature and real business problem-solving. (5-6 hrs)

  • Customized Workshops

    Whatever issues you and your teams may be struggling with, we can build a program just for you.


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